Sunday, December 2, 2012

C4K Summary for November

For my first C4K in the month of November, I was assigned to Emily H, a student in Mr. Boylen's 2012-2013 LA class. In her blog, called "EMILY'S BLOG OF AMAZINGNESS", I had the pleasure to read and comment on a story she wrote. In her story, "A Life of a Ginger," she adds her own personal experience to develop a story that depicts bullying, name calling, social discrimination, prejudices, stereotypes, and much more. She also tells us how she coped with all of that. It is very detailed and in-depth. This story is about a ginger, a red-head, but anyone can relate with it. Every race has their own stereotypes and is discriminated. It is definitely a story that many people can relate to. I sure did. I was always treated "differently" because I'm Asian. I, too, have a "name" people call me by, stereotypes, and am usually discriminated against. In her story, she uses metaphors, humor, and sarcasm to get her ideas across. To me, it was very touching and heart-warming. It was brave of her to share her own personal life story as well. At the end of her story, she describes what she thought about it all, how she coped with the problems, and that she is just a normal person like everyone else. This is an excellent short story.

In my comment, I complimented on her English and her bravery. As a reply, she wrote, "Thanks Anna, it means a lot! I don’t let anything get to my head, in fact I just brush it all off and most of the time I just take it as a joke. I don’t really have a problem with the way that I am because I can’t change that, I’m proud to be different. Thanks for the positive comments!" She is very mature, positive, and filled with hope!

For my second C4K in the month of November, I was assigned to Jacob, a student in Mr. Cometti's 9th grade IB World History class. In Jacob's post, titled "Napoleon: Russian Campaign," he provides us a brief history on Napoleon Bonaparte's invasion in Russia during 1812, also known as the "Russian Campaign". Jacob goes into little bits of detail of what happened to the French army during the invasion. In my comment to him, I told him that I recently re-learned about the Napoleonic Wars and the major roles Napoleon played during that time in history. I also said that the post helped me refresh my memories and knowledge of Napoleon and historical times in history.

For my last C4K in the month of November, I was assigned to watch "The State House", one of the four videos created by students (also known as Nelson's Navigators) in Mr. Nelson's 4th grade class. These are projects showcasing and teaching us what they have learned from their field trip to Montgomery, Alabama. They used video editing software to create these videos! It is amazing what children can do with technology! The video included images, voice overs, and were organized. There were different students for different parts of the video. They informed us about what the House of Representatives is, showed us the Governor's mansion and included the history behind it, who Lurleen Burns Wallace is, and etc! They did a great job in creating this video! My comment is still under review so it is not posted yet. In my comment, I thanked them for teaching me the little bits of Alabama since I am still new to the state. I also complimented them and encouraged them to continue using technology!

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