Sunday, November 25, 2012

Progress Report on Final Project

This is a picture of a triangular sign with a person in front of a computer that says work in progress.

For my group's final project, we chose to produce a 10-15 minute video that will help prospective students get a general idea of what the class is about, what they should expect and etc. We are going to produce a video that includes a bit of comedy and humor, usage of green screen, what we have learned in the class, and include several interviews with past or current students in EDM310! This video is broken down into several sections so it is organized and has flow! Ideas are still in the air! A decision of what and how the video will be is not set yet.

We are using Google documents and e-mail to share information and ideas. We might use Skype for some of our interviews as a way to show prospective students how useful the tool is and its significance. Right now, we are still in the first stage of the project, which consists of brainstorming and planning. We are meeting tomorrow in order to advance into the second stage, the part where we will begin executing our plans. The final stage consists of revision, editing, and all the fun stuff! It is progressing slowly but we will make it through and have it done this week!

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