Sunday, October 7, 2012

C4K Summary for September

Students of Pt England School had basketball lessons from Mr. Thia!
For my first C4K assignment, I was assigned to Brandon, a 5th grade student from Room 13 at PT England School. His teacher is named Miss King. In his post, he wrote about what he learned from the basketball lessons taught by Mr. Thia and how sad he was. He learned the rules of basketball, how to dribble, shoot and run & dribble at the same time. He also learned how to double dribble, which is when you run and dribble with two hands. In the end, he was sad because that was the last basketball lesson. It sounded like he really enjoyed the basketball lessons! These basketball lessons were for Room 13, not just Brandon. Most of his classmates had fun and were sad as well.

In my comment, I told him that it will be alright and he will have basketball lessons again. I suggested that in the meantime he can teach others what he learned from Mr. Thia! Not many people, like me, know the rules of basketball, do the double dribble or even shoot correctly! In a way, what you learn can be helpful for others. I also said that he can continue practicing even if it's the last basketball lesson. He can still go play basketball with his family and friends.

Sierra writes about the events of her school's
For my second C4K assignment, I was assigned to Sierra, a 7th grade student from Mrs. Krebs class. She wrote about her upcoming "Homecoming Week". There are different special events and activities each day of the week. She did not say what happens on Monday. On Tuesday, it is "Monochromatic Day" and each class is assigned a color. Her class has to wear yellow on that day. On Wednesday it's "50 Nifty". Each person wears 50 of one thing. She chose to wear 50 cards! On Thursday it's "Herd Day". Their class will be dressing as baboons. On Friday it's "Spartan Fanatic day or Old School Day". They dress up as a Spartan or dress in an "Old School" style. I am not sure what is "Old School" style to them and she did not mention.

All of this sounds very interesting and fun. I know I never experienced something like this before during my Junior High School days! In my comment, I asked her what monochromatic meant just to see if she was taught it and if she remembered. I also told her my experiences from school. Instead of having "50-Nifty", we had "100-days-of-School". That is when we make something out of 100 of one thing. It could be 100 cheerio made into a necklace. She replied me with the definition of monochromatic and she said they have something similar to "100-days-of-School" too! For the "50-Nifty", she actually had all 50 cards in tact by the end of the day! She also said she had fun during "Homecoming Week"!

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